Gaming Culture

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Everyone among us loves to play games as it makes us feel connected to our old childhood games. Not even the kids but also the adults cannot control themselves when it comes to gaming. Gaming culture recently has taken a very high point in today’s generation’s life, especially teenagers are highly affected and related to the gaming culture, they have gained expertise in games as And are even a step ahead of the adults in it. Gaming has also been counted as a sign of being cool in the eyes of the present generation; kids are highly attracted towards the gamers.

You have various options to play games and set up new milestones for high records breaking the existing ones. There are even competitions held where people compete with each other in the gaming battles. The platforms where you can play games include

  1. Xbox or Play stations

You can install it in your homes on your TV sets and play games. There are also some special facilities with them which let you compete online with the other players all around the world. The graphic quality is very much higher and given a near to live gaming experience.

  1. Computer games

You can install games in your computer with the help of a compact disk. The gaming experience on computer tends to have much lower graphics than on the Xbox and play stations, but still a moderate one.

  1. Online Gaming

You can also play games online when bored or in your free time, you can also get some money by playing Live Togel the same time while playing online games. Online gaming provides you the benefit of using it at whichever platform desired either the phone or the computer both of them gives the same experience only the quality may differ. Also the graphics present in the online gaming are much lower than those in the above two.

How does it help you?

Gaming boosts up your energy and lands you in high spirits. It also makes you remember and relive your old childhood days. In a recent survey it is found that playing games in occasionally is very helpful in keeping you high and happy, it tends to have appositive effect on your mental health and cheer up your mood. It also creates a positive ambience around you and help you get the inspiration and energy to get back to your regular boring life.

Disadvantages of gaming

Games played occasionally are good but continuing this practice on a regular basis is very harmful and can affect your mind and body in the worst of ways. It can be sometimes very dangerous and addictive to take your mind off from. Some of the main disadvantages include.

  1. Eyesight problem’

Excessive and continuous exposure to the game screen can lead to create a major problem for your eyes, like causing itching and irritation in the eyes, affecting eyesight etc. Also regular gaming can have a permanent, non reversible and a severe effect on your eyes.

  1. Bad posture

Gamers usually sit in the same posture for hours, which can have a bad impact on their bones and muscles. Sitting in the same posture can give you different aches and can also strain your muscles; also it can lead to any permanent damage in your body as it is not getting the proper rest it requires.

  1. Disconnects you from the real world

Regular gamers do not leave their rooms even for the slighter of second as they are highly addictive from the games, this makes them disconnected from the rest of the world and also away from the beauty of nature.

  1. Highly Addictive

Gaming can be very addictive for the ones drowned deep down in it. They even lose their focus and concentration from their life aims and goals, instead, invest it in the gaming section. Also in some cases, the addiction is much more like one of drugs.


Gaming is helpful and energy boosting if done in a limit and occasionally but regularly it can severely harm your body as well as the mind. So make sure you do not excessively get addicted to it or else you have to regret later.